Morgan Green Portfolio

synthetic poetry

<sequence method: guided drift>


Works contain text generated using Emily Dickinson's corpus as training data.

2018, digital video, accelerated speed video
poetry machine outputting to thermal printer

2018, digital video
scrolls of synthetic poetry on thermal paper, blowing in the wind

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2018, JavaScript object

hold you/mold you

hold you/mold you, 2019, three channel video installation on mobile devices

anagrams & alphabets

<sequence method: spineless determinism>

These works explore the relationship between linguistic structures and fated outcomes.

binary digits against a fold, 2019, collage, ink and laser engraving on paper, 9" X 12"

slippery characters, 2019, recording of processing object for video installation

playroom, 2017, multi-media installation
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redder letter, 2018, JavaScript object
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CEIILNOV, 2015, charcoal on Bristol, 23" X 29"

Voice/Spittoon, 2015, charcoal and drivel on Bristol, 29" X 23"

start to finish

<sequence method: archival>

Untitled, 2018, JavaScript object
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Morgan Green Shaves Her Head Backwards, 2015, digital video

intimate read

<sequence method: story/social>

neutral anatomy lesson, 2017, part of One House Twice, performance at the Neutra VDL Research House

little readings, 2017, one-on-one performance series, in collaboration with Maggie Wong
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GREEN BLOOD CHASE, 2016, 16mm film (excerpt with sound, set still)

LOCK, 2014, music video with Devin Kenny/Amiri Froze

dk2.mp3 (tell me), 2013, music video with Devin Kkenny

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