Morgan Green
b. 1989, Madison, WI
based in Los Angeles and Chicago

Morgan Green is a writer and artist who works to disrupt stasis in the way people read words and bodies. At present, she is scrutinizing the work that the digital does on the body, as well as the work that flesh does on machines. Ultimately, this means working beyond the place where machines and people begin to merge and into the genealogy of cyborgs. Her professional background as a coder informs and shapes this arena of her practice. She exploits computers for their ability to proliferate text and images rapidly. She uses code to recontextualize the component parts of signifiers, and in this way to spread apart the pieces of the constellated machines that restrict the body and the self. She is disassembling the web of cybernetic forces that accrete to structure time-space and thereby formulate body-minds.

Over the past three years, she has parsed and exploded language into increasingly small pieces, moving from rearranging words, to letters, to letter-components (line segments). She has also moved from disassembling and reassembling language manually to doing it digitally and mechanically. She has written scripts that generate and evolve new alphabets in seconds, as well as scripts that spontaneously generate new oeuvres for old poets. This work exposes both hard limitations and haunting possibilities within the creative potential of so-called “artificial” intelligence. Her synthetic poetry yields uncanny expressions of bodily sensation — suggesting that machines, like people, are as often hairy as smooth. She often performs and installs her work using organic materials, so as to lay bare the textured reality of the shaggy cyborg.

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