Miss Dimension Pleasure Series Statement

Women exist in a cloud of mixed messages about what sensuality should mean, and who is allowed to experience it. They are subject at an alarming frequency to violations that can rewire their sensory perceptions. In order to cope with these perceptual injuries in a hostile environment, women must form for themselves individually a concept of erotic pleasure that either fits among or obliterates a series of paradoxical obstacles. These images are meant to express that formation.

No two women have the same experience in this aspect of their development, but the hope is that these images will get at something universal. Women must find methods of either fitting within or obliterating the societal expectations they've internalized. In many cases I think this involves a combination of transcendence and compliance, achieved through a kind of interior synesthesia.

I attempt to express this by using textures and colors tied to personal memory within formal paradoxes, which blend dissonant dimensions and techniques. To me, my choice of oil painting as medium is highly pleasurable but also anachronistic, and this is appropriate as women often endure anachronism to achieve pleasure.